[AK Geoarchäologie]Ankündigung von geoarchäologischer EGU-Session 2019

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Mo Dez 3 09:52:31 CET 2018

Liebe Mitglieder des AK Geoarchäologie,

heute erreichte mich die untenstehende EGU-Session-Ankündigung von Hans von Suchodoletz aus Leipzig, die ich Ihnen hiermit gerne weiter leite,

Beste Grüße und eine besinnliche Adventszeit
Christian Stolz

Dear colleagues,
Sorry for cross-posting.
We'd like to draw your attention to our session GM6.3/CL1.16/NH9.27:  
“Geoarchaeological records of human-landscape interaction: from a nature-dominated world to the Anthropocene “ at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) taking place from 7th to 12th of April 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The session details are included below and can be accessed directly at the EGU General Assembly website:


EGU will offer some financial assistance for early-career scientists is supplied on the EGU congress website (application deadline 1 December 2018):


With our best wishes,

Andrea Zerboni (Andrea.Zerboni at unimi.it) André Kirchner (andre.kirchner at uni-hildesheim.de)
Kathleen Nicoll (kathleen.nicoll at gmail.com) Julia Meister (julia.meister at uni-wuerzburg.de) Hans von Suchodoletz (hans.von.suchodoletz at uni-leipzig.de)

GM6.3/CL1.16/NH9.27: Geoarchaeological records of human-landscape
interaction: from a nature-dominated world to the Anthropocene
Conveners: Andrea Zerboni, André Kirchner, Kathleen Nicoll, Julia Meister, Hans von Suchodoletz Documenting the diversity of human responses and adaptations to climate, landscapes, ecosystems, natural disasters and the changing natural resources availability in different regions of our planet, cross-disciplinary studies in Geoarchaeology provide valuable opportunities to learn from the past. Furthermore, human activity became a major player of global climatic and environmental change in the course of the late Quaternary, during the Anthropocene.  
Consequently, we must better understand the archaeological records and landscapes in context of human culture and the hydroclimate-environment nexus at different spatial and temporal scales.
This session seeks related interdisciplinary papers and specific geoarchaeological case-studies that deploy various approaches and tools to address the reconstruction of former human-environmental interactions from the Palaeolithic period through the modern. Topics related to records of the Anthropocene from Earth and archaeological science perspectives are welcome. Furthermore, contributions may include (but are not limited to) insights about how people have coped with environmental disasters or abrupt changes in the past; defining sustainability thresholds for farming or resource exploitation; distinguishing the baseline natural and human contributions to environmental changes. Ultimately, we would like to understand how strategies of human resilience and innovation can inform our modern strategies for addressing the challenges of the emerging Anthropocene, a time frame dominated by human modulation of surface geomorphological processes and hydroclimate.This session aims to pool interdisciplinary contributions from the large field of earth (e.g. geology, geomorphology, geochronology, geomorphometry, sedimentology,
biogeosciences) and archaeological (e.g. archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeometry, paleoanthropology) sciences that address the reconstruction of former human-environmental interactions from the Palaeolithic period until the Anthropocene. Besides case studies, especially methodology, modelling and conceptual contributions are welcome in this session.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10th January 2019, 13.00 CET.

Dr. Hans von Suchodoletz

member of the chair of Physical Geography Leipzig University Institute of Geography
Room: 0.10
Johannisallee 19a
D - 04103 Leipzig

+49 341 97 32969 (phone)
+49 341 97 32790 (secretariat- Katrin Schandert)
+49 341 97 32799 (fax)
hans.von.suchodoletz at uni-leipzig.de

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